Telecommunication Products


Copper/Coax Connectivity
MDF, DDF, Signal Distributors, Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Boxes, Cross Connect Cabinets, O/V & Over Current Protection, Balun Panels, Copper/Coax Cables, Tools & Accessories.
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Optical Fiber/Wireless Connectivity
Patch Panels, Distribution Boxes, Patch Cords, Pig Tails & Accessories, Cable Closures, Optic Fiber Cables, Tools.
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Transmission Equipment
Communications access services, PDH fiber optic transmission, Electronic interface converters, Optical media converters, EPON, PCM & MSAP, Copper line transmission series, Broadband acceleration.

Power Supply/Protection

DC Generators, Rectifiers, Gel Batteries, Outdoor UPS, Direct Strike Protection, Surge and Transient Protection for Power, Communications, Signal, Data and RF Lines, Grounding Products and Solutions.


Infrastructure development

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Integrated Access Devices (IAD)


Analogue Phones & CDMA Terminals 
Analogue Phones

CDMA Terminals